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Company Description

Spun Candy is a British, artisanal producer of premium hand-crafted candy and confectionery and provider of unique confectionery masterclasses.  Since launching in London in 2013 we have developed hundreds of designs and flavours of confectionery which look, smell and taste sensational.  We use only the finest ingredients and natural fruit flavours, and all our products are gluten, gelatine and GM free and 100% vegan.

What makes us special is that all our confectionery is made in our stores, right in the fruit of your very eyes.  Our talented candy makers perform candy theatre right in our avant-garde confectionery kitchens, ensuring every visit to Spun Candy is a unique and special experience.  At our classes and events, our customers, young or old, are able to learn the art and science behind confectionery and make some of their own unique masterpieces to take home.


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