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Predictor Leagues

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Predictor Leagues is a Social Football Predictions Game – a 21st Century update to the Football Pools and an antidote to the confusion and complexity of Fantasy Football. Players compete against each other to predict the outcome (Home Win, Away Win or Draw) of seven real world football matches selected by a league Manager. One point is scored for each correct prediction, the weekly winner wins 50-60% of the total weekly game fee pot, 25% of the pot goes into a jackpot pool which pays out when a player gets seven out of seven predictions correct. Currently matches are available from the top four English, the top two Scottish leagues, the north American Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Chinese Super League (CSL).


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Main Programme:

  • £1.50 cash back for each £25.00 deposited and played (betted).
Cashback Programme:
  • £1.50 cash back for each £25.00 deposited and played (betted).

Non-Incentive Programme:

  • Predictor Leagues Non-Incentive Programme offering £1.50 for each £25.00 deposited and played (betted).
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