Northern Parrots celebrates African Grey Day

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Northern Parrots and the Parrot world are celebrating African Greys on the third African Grey Day on October 12th.

African Greys are the most popular companion Parrot, and on this day African Grey owners post their favourite pictures of their bird, share interesting facts and stories and a lot more.

Also to celebrate this special day there will be four special offers running until 11.59pm on Thursday October 12th.

The delicious Palm Nut Fruit Extract Oil treat was £4.99, but is now reduced to £3.99.

The tasty complete food, El Paso and Sunny Orchard NutriBerries, were £34.99 but are now discounted to £24.99.

The Snack Trays and Refill, an exciting foraging toy, are usually £24.98, but have been slashed in price to £15.98 for African Grey Day.

The Bamboo Foraging Perch was £9.99, but now has a 30% saving and is now £6.99.

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