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At SO Switch we understand that finances can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, but finding the right solution and saving money shouldn’t have to be complicated.


With our easy-to-use comparison site, helpful guides and a host of finance specialists on-board, we will help you to find the best deal that’s appropriate for you – suiting your individual needs as well as your budget.


Because we work with a network of leading UK providers we can bring you some of the most competitive deals around on personal finance products from mortgages, car and home insurance and much much more.



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Programme Payout:

We offer £0.96 CPA per super unique quote.

No incentive or cashback sites please.


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PPC Policy: Search Engine Marketing is allowed however no bidding on terms relating to So Switch brand, or mis-spelled, this also includes So Leads, So Media, So Smart, Mitchell Farrar Group and Debt Advisory Line.