10% Commission on Tombola Store’s Affiliate Programme!

Tombola Store!

We are the first fully automated prize draw raffle site offering both essential and luxury items starting from as little as 1 penny.
Each prize contains a fixed number of tickets. Once the tickets are sold the draw is closed and all of the players can watch the draw live.
The prizes can be sold within the same day they are posted. The speed of each draw is dictated by the players.
Simply answer a question correctly and buy as many tickets for the prizes you want, to increase your chances of winning. remember there is no closing date set for each draw so a prize can close as early as the day it has opened.


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Tombola Store Affiliate Programme:

We are offering commissions of 10% for initial deposit and all subsequent deposits.

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PPC – Restricted.

Brand Name Bidding restrictions apply to this programme. Affiliates cannot bid on the brand name, derivations or misspellings.


If you have any queries about the programme do not hesitate to contact Paul from Tombola Store at


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