Rewards for Forces is the UK’s largest discount and benefits specifically for the Armed Forces, Veterans and Partners of those serving or who have served.

With 4.8 million Veterans currently living in Britain, representing one in ten British adults and membership also applicable to their partners this represents and huge target audience to become card members of Rewards for Forces.

Total serving British Armed Forces (overview as at early 2012)

Regular Forces 176,810

Regular Reserves

Volunteer Reserves 37,600

Cadet Forces 133,000

MoD Civillians 85,000

The above total serving membership figure excludes partners of.

Adding these groups together(4.8 million veterans + partners and the total serving British armed forces 432,410 + partners) you will see this is a huge target group for any business to attract revenue generation .


We are paying a flat commission of £1.90 for new members who buy our card.

The Rewards for Forces ID card is used to show that they have served/serving in the Forces and is preferred by Serving Personnel as a way to obtain discounts

Over 50% of our new members apply for a card when joining, if they join for free we also send them a monthly newsletter showing the benefits of the card.

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PPC Policy: Brand Name Bidding restrictions apply to this programme. Affiliates cannot bid on the brand name, derivations or misspellings.

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